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Welcome to Social Addicts, the one-stop business to receive all the help you need to build your followers and keep your audience coming back for more. Social media is an essential part of marketing but it needs to be managed properly. We offer social media management services, social media advertising and content creation. So if you want to have a more than awesome social media presence and achieve your social media goals, contact us today.

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Here at Social Addicts we provide bespoke services to our client’s, we understand that every company has different needs and objectives. Contact us today to discuss your goals and between us we will construct a plan and make it happen.

Social Media MarketingPackages

With statistics suggesting 2.46 billion use social media accounts in 2017, your business needs to have a social media presence because this is where your audience is. By 2021, it is expected that the number of social media users will reach the 3 billion mark. The thought of reaching your audience amongst this market, and standing out from the crowd, is daunting but with Social Addicts social media management services, you can develop a lasting relationship with your social media audience.

Social Media AdvertisingPackages

Given that there are close to 2.5 billion social media users in the world, you don’t want to waste time reaching out to people who aren’t interested in you. Social media advertising allows you to reach your audience directly and effective social media advertising doesn’t just save money, it makes money. At Social Addicts, we are social media advertising specialists and we’ll place you where you need to be; right in front of the people who you want to see you.

Content WritingPackages

Even with video content being essential, you need great quality content. In fact, video scripts are content, and infographics too. There is also the fact that blogs remain hugely important for SEO, in creating your brand and driving traffic to your site. Your content shapes the impression your audience forms of you, so you need the best possible content, and you need Social Addicts.

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