Facebook Advertising Content Strategy Plan For Any Business

It is likely that your audience is on Facebook because even though there have been complaints and issues surrounding the platform, Facebook remains the biggest and most popular social media platform. Therefore, companies are keen to use Facebook to reach their audience and while organic reach is desired, it is becoming ever more difficult to develop your audience in an organic nature.

This has left many companies deciding that Facebook advertising is the best way for them to reach their audience. While it is relatively simple, if you know what you are doing, to set up a Facebook campaign, you want to spend time over it. Not only do you want to consider your adverts, but you also want to develop a campaign behind your advertising work.

A Facebook content strategy allows you to maximise your return
A Facebook advertising content strategy plan is a fantastic way to maximise the reach of your content while providing you with a structure to work to. This will help you plan your work for the weeks that lie ahead but you’ll also find that a strategic plan helps you to review what you have achieved with your campaign.

At Social Addicts, we are pleased to offer Facebook campaigns, and we have developed a strategy that has helped our clients maximise their exposure and return from Facebook advertising. While we work with every firm to create a tailored campaign, we find the following process to be highly effective.

A 4-week Facebook advertising content strategy plan consisting of:
• 1 post a week for the full 4 weeks
• In each of the first 3 weeks, an individual blog will be promoted
• In the final week of the campaign, the client’s service or product is promoted

We believe this approach is more effective because it helps to engage your audience and develop a relationship. Far too many companies try to sell their products or services out of nowhere, and most customers will ignore this. There are too many companies operating online for a firm to think they can achieve success straight away without engaging an audience or at least warming them up to what you do or offer.

You need to prove your expertise before you start to promote yourself
By promoting blog posts for three weeks, we allow your company to showcase their expertise, to build up trust in what you do and give people reasons to learn more about you. Over the three weeks, the focus can be on a single area, positioning yourself as an expert in this niche or it can take a wider approach covering what you do, ensuring that your audience sees the full extent of what you have to offer.

Once you have established yourself in the eyes of your audience, they will be far more likely to buy from you or at least take a genuine interest in what you offer. Therefore, the fourth and final week of the strategy should be a promotional post.

When it comes to maximising your return from social media, far too many businesses overlook the importance of the word “social”. If you promote too much, people will start to ignore what you say. You need to engage your audience and provide something of value to people before you can promote. Our strategy is based on maintaining a good balance of post styles on social media, and if you are keen to take a measured and mature approach to Facebook campaigns, we are here to help you.

Thanks for reading.