Be More Transparent On Social Media – Honesty Sells

It would be fair to say that honesty and transparency haven’t always been the most obvious strategy for businesses to take. A lot of firms have made many sales and a lot of money through dubious practices but in the present day, times are changing.

The internet has transformed so much of our lives, and consumers have a greater chance to research firms and options. This has left many firms realising that it is best, to be honest with their customers and if you want to make sales, be more transparent on social media.

Social media users want reviews and testimonials

While there may be a lot of fake news and false opinions on social media, when it comes to consumers, social media users are quite savvy. There is a growing number of people who are unwilling to just accept what businesses say or promote. Instead, people are looking towards other people for reviews and testimonials when it comes to products, services and companies.

Therefore, if people are going to find out about you from other users, you may as well be genuine and honest from the start. Rather than shying away from reviews and feedback, embrace it and encourage customers to share opinions about you.

If a customer leaves a positive review for your product or service, other customers will take this as a positive sign about you. However, if a customer leaves a negative review about you, don’t panic. Receiving a negative review isn’t the end of the world for a company and if you respond to criticism in an effective way, you can benefit in the long-term.

Some firms delete negative posts or reviews left on their site or social media pages, but this isn’t a smart idea. It is far better to embrace these reviews and try to find a solution that pleases the customer. Most people accept that things go wrong from time to time, but it is how a company responds to problems and issues that are the most important thing. If you receive negative reviews, view it as an opportunity to turn a customer around and show that you care.

People want to see transparency from companies

There is no denying there is a growing level of mistrust these days, and while this will leave some firms feeling nervous, it is an opportunity for other companies. If you are proud of your products or you believe you make things in a genuine and likeable way, showcase behind the scenes footage of your work.

Transparency matters to customers and a firm that is open and genuine about their activities and dealings with customers will benefit in the long run. It is important to remember that social media isn’t just about making quick sales, it is about developing a reputation and building relationships.

Being consistent and genuine in your output may help you make a sale today, but it will grow your audience, it will make sure people turn towards your company and it helps you be the company that consumers recommend to their friends and family members. People only recommend firms they trust, so if you build up a sense of trust between you and your audience, it can only be of benefit to you in the longer-term.

If you require support and assistance in developing a more transparent and honest approach on social media, contact Social Addicts and we will do everything we can to assist you.