Know The Platforms Your Buyers Use

The fact that there are so many social media platforms to choose from is great news for companies, as this provides you with many ways to reach and engage your audience. While you may think all social media platforms are the same or are at least similar, there are many differences between the various platforms you can choose from.

It may be that a particular platform is best for your business. Depending on what products or services you offer, one social media platform may be ideal for your needs. As an example, the fashion industry and clothes retailers are highly active on Instagram. However, it may be that it is the behaviour and usage of your customers that is important in choosing which platform you use.

If your buyers use a particular social media platform or two, you must be active on these platforms.

Facebook is the social media leader but usage is falling

There is no denying that Facebook is the leading social media platform and if you are looking to reach an audience, this is the place to create an account and be active. There is a lot of evidence which states that Facebook usage is slowing down but it must be remembered that it is still far and away the leading option in the market.

However, if your audience is young, you may find that other social media platforms are more effective for your needs. Snapchat is associated with teenagers more than Facebook, and the commercial activities and advertising options are increasing on this platform.

There is also the fact that many Facebook users have noticed that their organic reach has fallen in recent times. There is an acceptance that the Facebook algorithms have been tweaked to dampen organic reach, forcing companies to invest in Facebook advertising to reach their audience.

Facebook is still a suitable option for most firms but considering the level of competition on this platform and the ever-changing algorithms, you may wish to consider other platforms.

Instagram is ideal when there is a visual element to your products or services

While all social media platforms thrive on images and video content, Instagram is a platform that is all about great images. The stories element on Instagram is becoming more popular these days but when it comes to eye-catching visual content, this is the platform to choose.

As stated above, clothing retailers should use Instagram but whatever product you offer, there is a chance to showcase it in the best manner.

Pinterest is a fantastic platform if your customers are predominantly female

While Pinterest caters to all needs and interests, it has developed a reputation as a platform that appeals to females. Various studies indicate that there is a higher proportion of female users, so if you are keen to reach out to female consumers, this is a social media platform to consider.

LinkedIn is ideal for business to business firms

Given the fact that LinkedIn is recognised as a social media platform for professionals, it is often viewed as an excellent platform if you are looking to reach businesses. This is a more formal platform where you have the opportunity to develop relationships and offer longer-form content that details your expertise and knowledge in your field.

You should be active on social media, but it is important that you know the platforms your audience is most likely to use. If you want to make the best impression on your audience, turn to Social Addicts.