Selfie Posts Can Showcase Your Products Too

If you have spent any time on social media, you will know selfie posts are extremely popular. People love to share what they are doing and an awful lot of people like the way they look. As a company, you may not think that this type of post is suitable for your business but you may be surprised at how a selfie post can showcase your products and help you engage your audience on social media.

Be personal with your social media posts

As an e-commerce retailer, you may think that your products should be the focus of your social media posts rather than yourself. However, consumers are looking for personal connections and they want to know more about the people behind the companies they buy from.

Not everyone wants to feature prominently on social media but with personal content, you develop stronger relationships and connections with your audience. Therefore, if you share selfie posts, you increase the likelihood of drawing people and getting customers to engage and interact with you.

Showcase your products being used

In the present day, customers are looking for more proof and insight about what a product has to offer. Reviews and testimonials are hugely important but customers also want to see products in use. Therefore, using selfie posts that feature your product will be of benefit to customers looking to see the product in action.

Many buyers have been let down by products that great on a company website but which looks completely different when they order it and it arrives at their home. By showing your products in real-life and in use, you create more confidence in your products.

Selfie posts create engagement

When you feature yourself and your products in your post, you create an opportunity for people to ask questions about your company and products. All firms should look to create discussion and debate when it comes to social media, and selfie posts with your products are brilliant.

Don’t forget that you can ask questions on social media alongside your images. If you want to know what people think of your products or you are looking for insight into improvements you can make, ask for feedback from your audience.

Why not run a competition?

Competitions are hugely popular on social media and these posts can help you create awareness, develop an interest in what you offer and lead to more sales. Why not run a competition related to your selfie posts?

If you take a picture of yourself in a silly or interesting pose, you could ask a simple question to encourage engagement. The leading social media platforms are clamping down on competitions which operate in a clickbait manner, so you should have a proper competition element to the post.

At Social Addicts, we know the importance of creating a buzz for products, but we also believe customers want to see people and personalities behind the product. Therefore, selfie posts with your products are an excellent way of reaching out to people on social media.