Tap into Trends with Topical Content

When it comes to making the most of social media, you need to get all the help you can get. No matter the platform you use or prefer, you will likely find that there is a readily available list of trending topics or topics that are hot right now. You should keep a close watch on these topics because there may be a way to expand your brand awareness and to show people that you are a relevant company operating in the present day.

There may even be a chance to expand your audience and tap into new followers. It is natural for users to click on the trending topic or follow a hashtag to see what is being said. If you have something genuine and relevant to add to the conversation, there is a real chance for you to connect with new followers and to promote your company.

Be sensible when tapping into trends, be relevant

While the thought of creating content and posts around trending topics is an enticing and intriguing one, it is important that you remain relevant at all times. If you post content that is completely unrelated to the topic, you are unlikely to receive many links or positive traction from it.

In fact, you are likely to have wasted time with content that no one will read. Also, it may change the perception some people have of you, questioning why you would create content like this. It is not as if the topic has to be closely aligned to your industry or sector, but there should be an easy link to what you have to say and the topic.

If you find that you need to explain a lot or you are asking people to make a huge leap of faith in connecting your content to the topic, it is probably best that you avoid posting.

Showing that you are a modern company will do you no harm

However, if you can create content that is genuinely linked to trending topics, it will do you no harm at all. In fact, many people will consider you to be a modern firm that has their finger on the pulse. There are many different reasons as to why a consumer would choose a company over their rivals but the perception of firms and how modern or relevant, they are will have an impact.

Given that Twitter often offers localised trending topics, this may be the place to start creating topical content. If you run a local business, you want to show that you know the local area and that you have insight into what people in your area are talking about.

If you like the idea of posting topical content but are unsure of how to best approach the subject, please get in touch with Social Addicts. We are delighted to say we have helped many firms improve their social media output, including the use of trending topics. This can be a quick and effective way to reach a new audience while reinforcing your capabilities, and we are here to help you in this regard.

Written By

Ian Watson


Social Addicts